Aim & Objectives

PSG Public Schools, Coimbatore, aims to educate the children to fulfill the highest ideals of learning.

They learn to appreciate the differences in the accepted social and moral codes of behaviour. They should be prepared to resist the yoke of superstition and custom, to use their own initiative, to accept discipline, responsibility and leadership. They should outgrow the fear of unpopularity and defeat.They should have increasing opportunities, as they grow older, to take charge, to organize, to act on their own and, in consequence, to make mistakes and learn from these.

They should know that education cannot be divorced from standards of social behaviour. Their good manners should be as reliable in the company of their inferiors or of their superiors or equals. They should feel quite at home with strangers, both men and women, and be able to take part in an intelligent conversation without shyness or aggression. They should find happiness in good fellowship and friendliness, and while slow to make friends, should be slower still to make enemies.

They should have their temper and emotions under control should have their temper and emotions under control but never be afraid of righteous anger. They should form a stronger resolve to serve their country and their fellow men and women, both in their daily work and in some of their spare time. They should have at least an elementary understanding of the main social, political and economic problems of their own country and they should believe that some work for the welfare of the poor and some share in the duties of the good citizens are obligatory on every self-respecting man and woman.

They should be able to lead a simple clean life, should enjoy physical effort, adventure and a spice of danger, and pride themselves on being able to look after themselves. They should learn the value of money, and be able to live within their income and be competent to deal with a bill, cheque, money-order or pass-book.

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To create a conducive and congenial learning environment that caters to the various needs of the diverse learners in our school to acquire the essential skills of 21st century learners and develop holistically to face the world with courage and confidence to become a socially responsible Global citizen.

The Mission of PSG Public Schools is to


The school will build state of the art infrastructure which is essential to reach the vision.


The school will develop student-centric curriculum which will maximize the participation and potential of every child in the learning process.


The school will develop Innovative and Creative Pedagogy to enhance the various skills of 21st century learners. Our core principle will be Competency Based Teaching – Learning process which will enhance Experiential and Active Learning.


The school will generate assessment plans based on Multiple Intelligences (MI) and diverse learners in any classroom and ensure that every child experiences success which is essential for building one's self esteem to face the world with courage and confidence


The school will evolve necessary developmental plans in order to recruit / retain quality teachers who are considered to be the backbone of our school. For leading learning, our teachers would periodically engage themselves in Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes as prescribed in NEP2020


The school will design a rigorous academic programme which will be our prime focus, but we would have an equally outstanding co-curricular and extra-curricular agenda for students to endow them with a much needed holistic education (as per NEP 2020) to give them a competitive edge over their counterparts elsewhere.


The school will promote communal harmony, secular approach and inculcate in every child the respect for human dignity and a sense of patriotism.


In order to ensure that the school meets all these standards to become a first rate school in the country, we will periodically assess our systems and processes through SQAA.

PSG - History

  • PSG Sarvajana High School

    The objective of Sarvajana School is “education for all without caste, religion or creed" . This is the foundation of the PSG and Sons Charities. It was here that the most important ideals of the trust took shape fulfilling the education dreams of India's youth. The school started out with 170 students and 7 teachers, over the years has churned out innumerable students and award winning teachers.

  • PSG Industrial Institute

    A pioneering concept of industry and academics functioning together. Was used as a war training centre during World War 2 for training war technicians. Its first record of fame came when it manufactured the first centrifugal pump & electric motor. Today, it is an IS 9001 accredited unit serving as a platform for engineering students. It is also at the forefront of manufacturing indigenous motors of world class standards, conventional lathes.

  • PSG Polytechnic College

    This is Coimbatore's oldest polytechnic college and is also one of Tamil Nadu's largest. In 1934, the PSG Industrial Institute structured a 2 year certificate program in technical education. It is a forward integration of PSG Technical Institute. Access to facilities used by PSG tech and also the industry inside give students an edge over others.

  • PSG Middle School, Vedapatti

    This school was taken over from the District Board in 1943 in order to meet the educational needs of the hamlet of Vedapatti near Coimbatore. Was established with laboratory equipments imported from Europe. Offers umpteen numbers of professional courses. Based on experiences of the school, the Government introduced various professional courses all over the state.

  • PSG Primary School, Peelamedu

    This institution was started to meet the educational requirements of the people of the rural area of Peelamedu at that period. It has been a boon to people in the area and stepping stone for the academic progress of their wards.

  • PSG College of Arts and Sciences

    Lack of colleges for arts and sciences, which lead to many discontinuing their studies during that period lead to establishment of this institution. Bearing the motto of Knowledge, Love and Service, this institution was Coimbatore's first to come under private management. Its first batch of 88 students trained under 7 experienced staff members. Today, it offers 22 undergraduate programmes, 17 post graduate programmes and 8 diploma certificate programmes. 4000 students learn about the myriad branches of arts and sciences under 220 faculty members. PSG CAS has become one of the first colleges in the country to be conferred with autonomy way back in 1978. Currently, PSGCAS holds the NAAC 5 star accreditation and an ISO 9001:2000 certification by TUV Rheinland, Germany in 2003.

  • PSG College of Technology

    1951 commemorated the silver jubilee of the trust and thus was born the PSG College of Technology, the brain child of GRD. Originally affiliated to the Madras University, today it functions as an autonomous college while being affiliated to the Anna University. An AICTE accredit ion and an IS 9001 certification have added to the value based education imparted by the college. Here, the emphasis is on practical learning through constant industry-institute interaction. It has also set up various centres of excellence in collaboration with MNCs like Swiss Development Corporation, HP, Siemens, Fester, Silicon Graphics, etc. International tie ups with many universities like Toledo University, University of Australia, and University of San Diago give students international exposure. The faculty profile, the placement track record and current status of the alumni are ample proof of the institute’s excellence.

  • PSG Rural Health Centers

    Affordable health care was another passion of the trust. Primary health care centers were established in Vedapatti, Karadivavi, and Neelambur to cater to the marginalized in those areas.

  • PSG & Sons' Charities Metallurgy and Foundry Division

    The Charities set up the foundry division in the year 1974, basically to cater to the engineering industries in India and abroad. With its wide range of sophisticated grey iron, SG Iron (nodular / ductile) and Ni-hard castings of high integrity, the PSG foundry has carved a niche for itself in the global market. This ISO 9001:2000 and ISO /TS 16949:2002 certified division is equipped with state of the art equipments which deliver what is promise without compromise.

  • PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

    PSGIMSR imparts medical education, research and services by upholding its motto of Health for all. Currently, one graduate and 8 post graduate programmes in medicine to about 700 students. The faculty strength stands at 220. The institute also offers education is associated fields of medicine. Since it attached to the PSG hospital; the students are exposed to various live cases which help them in the future.

  • PSG Industrial Training Centre

    The Training department of PSG Industrial Institute has, since the inception of the Sandwich Degree and Diploma courses in October 1983, trained well over 25000 budding engineers and entrepreneurs - sandwich and regular streams for both degree and diploma - in the nuances of hands-on practical work to supplement the theory and lab work as part of the course.

  • PSG Hospitals

    PSG Hospitals, established by the PSG & Sons Charities, is a symbol of relentless pursuance towards rendering sophisticated high quality care, at an affordable cost, to the sick and needy. The hospital offers comprehensive care under a single roof, setting the best practice standards in health care services, continually improving its performance and exceeding the expectations of patients and their families. The hospital always keeps itself updated with latest technologies happening in the medical world and brings it to the hospital for the benefit of all.

  • PSG Centre for Sponsored Research and Consultancy

    PSG Centre for Sponsored Research and Consultancy was established in 1989 in order to foster industrial consultancy and research. Consultancy work and testing of materials / products are being done for several Government and private industries and organizations by all the departments of the college through the centre. Scholars and researchers are guides to get sponsors through the centre.

  • PSG Centre for Non-Formal and Continuing Education

    PSG Centre for Non-formal & Continuing Education (PSG CNCE) was established in the year 1989. The centre helps in house and external organizations to keep their human resource updated in the latest of what is happening in the field. Many corporate have used this facility to up lift the skill sets of their staff.

  • PSG and Sons Charities Textile Research and Training Centre

    Originally, the institute was started with the aim of training personnel in the area of Human Resource Development for the textile fraternity. Later, the company adapted its focus to research in textile technology. Currently, it concentrates on the development of jute and its associated products.

  • PSG Institute of Management

    In the early 1990s, spurred by the onset of the liberalization of the Indian Economy, the PSG group decided to upgrade its department of management studies to a complete institute of management. PSGIM offers about 2 post graduate and diploma programme in management studies. Over 400 students learn management tactics under the tutelage of 26 faculty members and 50 visiting professors. Active collaborations with IIFT, Kerala Management Association, Alliance Franchise and University of Toledo, Hoff University Germany have put the institute in a niche.

  • PSG Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Park (STEP)

    In line to the policy of PSG trust that one should be a job giver, PSG - STEP was established in the year 1998 by PSG College of Technology in association with the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India & All India Financial Institution to promote technology based enterprise in the areas of Software, Electronic Products, Hi-tech Mechanical Products, Eco-friendly Textile Products & Bio-technology using the core strengths of PSG College of Technology. Its efforts to promote entrepreneurship among technology graduates have encouraged 30 entrepreneurs to open shop within the PSG Tech premises.

  • PSG TIFAC CORE in product design and commerce

    Situated in the town of thriving enterprise has fuelled the groups desire for growth. In a joint venture with TIFAC (Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Cell), Pricol and PTC, PSG opened this institute in order to bring in the latest knowledge in product and design and development.

  • PSG College of Physiotherapy

    This fully equipped physiotherapy college has been churning physiotherapists trained in leading edge therapy unit to meet the ever increasing demand for professionals in India and abroad.

  • PSG College of Pharmacy

    The college is affiliated to the Dr. MGR Medical University, Chennai and offers a 4 year graduate programme in Pharma Technology and Sciences.

  • PSG Centre for Advertising and Communication

    With over 30 associated institutions falling under the PSG banner, PR and advertising requirements rose. This in-house agency was established to meet this enormous volume of communications requirement. The centre also runs the PG programme in advertising and communication.

  • PSG Children's School

    This school concentrates on moulding children at the most impressionable age. A holistic approach to education, coupled with its 77 year old legacy has enabled the group to offer the primary school, a novel experience in learning. From Kindergarten to doctorate programmes, PSG has come full circle.

  • PSG Offshore Health Care Management Services

    Backed by its expertise in health care management, this branch of the PSG institutions offers world class training for students in related fields. It has tie-ups with several institutions and international training centres and this helps it to offer its students abundant opportunities for placements abroad.

  • PSG High School, Vedapatti

    PSG high school vedapatti started in 2006. It is an unaided private school.

  • PSG Institute of Advanced Studies

    The PSG Institute of Advanced Studies will co-ordinate inter disciplinary R & D projects among the various PSG Institutions apart from identifying need based industry specific short term and long term manpower training programmes. PSGIAS is in the process of setting up new laboratories with state of the art facilities in emerging areas of science and technology to cater to post graduate education as well as academic and sponsored research.

  • PSG Public Schools

    PSG Public Schools located in PSG Public Schools, Avanashi Road, Peelamedu, Coimbatore-641004 is a Co-Educational Senior Secondary institution affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Provisional basis since 2002. The school has been operating officially under the trust/society Psg & Sons Charities. The school is equipped with 30 class rooms and all essential facilities.

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