Facilities made in our school helps us to improve the quality of the study environment in the school, thus improving the quality of education, holistic and all-round development of our students.


A safe and secured transportation facility is provided by our school where the children are picked at a convenient place in the morning and dropped at the same in the evening. Each bus is driven by a well experienced driver and is accompanied by a conductor who takes much care about the children. The bus arrives on time to pick and drop the children.

Sports & Games

This is where the children love to be, at all times, to get a whiff of the cool breeze, the radiance of the suns rays, the chirping of a little bird, the fragrance of the fresh leaves and buzz of bee.

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Laboratory work is indispensable to the understanding of the subject. Laboratory studies can create a learning environment that encourages students to question, there by fostering critical thinking. It also encourages to work in small groups, leading to social interactions and peer teaching.

Physics Laboratory

The physics lab helps students to understand the role of direct observation in physics and to distinguish between inferences based on theory and the outcomes of experiments. It also helps the in students to develop collaborative learning skills that are vital to succeed in many life long endeavors.

Chemistry Laboratory

The place of experimental work in laboratories has always assumed a high profile at all levels of chemical education. The students will learn the laboratory skills needed to design, safely conduct and interpret chemical research. The students will acquire a foundation for Chemistry of sufficient breadth and depth to enable them to understand and critically interpret the primary chemical literature.

Biology Laboratory

Our well-equipped spacious biology lab helps the students to become familiar with the nature of science. That is the manner in which scientific knowledge is constructed and validated, with the work and methodologies of scientists and processes underlying evolution of scientific knowledge. It will allow students to construct deeper and long - lasting knowledge as well as in - depth understanding of the scientific processes. Laboratory studies enhance conceptual understanding of subject matter, scientific and reasoning skills, laboratory manipulative skills, a better understanding of natural science research.

Computer Lab

Technology has become an integral part of our life. A good computer lab is a place where children love to visit keeping with the trends of the world. Each one of them exhibits his/her amazing skills. To achieve this, we have state of the art infrastructure with latest computer software’s internet and well qualified team of teachers.


An outlet for the aesthetic skills of our most gifted children. Their art exhibits are more realistic than real life.


Our library is the intellectual heart of the school and a catalyst for creating a community of passionate readers and life-long learners living in an interconnected world. The library guides the school wide vision of the research process to teach students how to access, evaluate, and use information ethically, critically, and efficiently.


A long awaited leisure which is a pleasure for all of us. A hot cup of coffee, with tasty savories, a cheerful smile at the counter is surely a blessing.

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