Fine Arts


Music has been an integral part of our life and culture from time immemorial. Good music enthralls young and old alike. It is a way of communicating our feelings and emotions. Young mind naturally gets attracted to music and this is the basis of our fine arts department. Music is part of our curriculum. To enrich the music knowledge in the young minds our facilities include all kinds of musical instruments which are handled by eminent musicians who are well versed and proficient in their field.


Dance is a powerful impulse and stress buster. When channeled properly, it can captivate mass audience. Our children have the opportunity to exhibit their dancing talent through a well-structured curriculum. We encourage our children to sharpen their dancing skills and enable them to participate in various cultural programs under the great guidance of experienced dance teacher.

Art and Craft

A thing of beauty is joy forever. Nothing can explain this better than a beautiful drawing or a painting or a craftsmanship. To bring out the best from the artistic minds of the children, they are guided by skillful Art and Craft teacher to take part in various activities like Painting, Drawing, collage work etc. Children excelling in this field are encouraged to participate in various competitions inside and outside the organization.


Mock Parliament: Mock parliament provides that active learning platform where students learn to take quick decisions, teamwork, expressing their views, standing by each other, giving constructive criticism and above all, learning to form opinions on issues of national importance. It provides holistic learning. It is a formal debate hence no situation like the actual parliament arises.Interhouse Competition.

Quiz Competition

We conduct Quiz competition for both Juniors and Seniors in our school. The objective of this school quizzing competition is to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts. And technology can act as a facilitator by bringing innovation to quizzes and ensuring active participation among students.

Creative Corner

K. Samyukta - VI-A

J. Haswin Siva

Prathebha.m - VII-B

Saisamudhra - VIII-B

M. Srija - VII-A






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