Vice Principal's Message

Education is not journey or path to reach a job for earning money.

It is not for scoring good marks to get an entry ticket for medical or engineering streams. It is a search, to know the purpose of life.

In this journey parents, teachers, students and individuals in the society should take part. Let’s travel together.

E.H.Sathish kumar
Vice Principal (Since 2019)

PSG Public Schools

Avinashi Road, Peelamedu

Coimbatore- 641004

Tamilnadu, India.

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It’s a journey to understand the body, soul, kith and kin. It is an art of leading happy life by holding the roots of the society and culture. It is a dream to be achieved by sharing what we earn and what we learn, also by taking the self and society to the next level of humanity. School is a field for searching knowledge and for testing the soul. That should not be shrunk into marks and sports. The journey in the ocean of education is moving towards the unlimited things by understanding the limited things.

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PSG Public Schools Avinashi Road
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