Shooting stars

Nov 16, 2020

SHOOTING STARS Hi, this is the sixth fingered girl, amidst the walls, the good and bad, amongst contradictory Homo sapiens, surrounded by flora and fauna and between the arrogancy and ignorancy. I was lying down with my hands as a cushion to my head and gazed up the sky. I could see the twilight in zenith and the sun bidding farewell from the sky and going back to sleep,but I think the sun being ashamed of the current situation, ran dashing towards its mama. Well never was getting darker and darker and my heart getting despair now and then. The little stars woke up from their sleep and with a tousled head came up shining and adoring the dark. It was a beautiful sight, it looked like an elegant dark lace with little dots shining brightly. It's what of the night sky in early August, evenings that remind me to keep searching for recklessness. The stars don't fear yesterday's sadness, or tomorrow's happiness. The star reminds me to keep searching, it's the moon that reminds me life has phases, as bitter as it is sweet, even the little star that shines a little less bright reminds me that I'm still important when I really seem to be small. The smell of fresh air and grass filled the sky. Suddenly something bright pushed its way down, yes it was a shooting star. It split the veil of the dark night, it was an ardent brand to my eyes and heart. It filled my hollow heart with warmth. It's the shooting star that reminds me that I'm not alone, I'm just blind to see the light of my darkest time. I think the worst nightmare ever for a star is to fall from the sky and dissolve in the horizon. A shooting star is never meant to fulfill my wish as it can't change its own fate of falling down. It's the same shooting star that reminds me, I can never change others when I can't change my own self. Now look high up the sky, the stars never seem to shine all alone. Tonight's time is left for them. Each element of nature teaches us something, all we have to do is, keep our eyes and heart open. Poetry of the earth and its essence never ever die!! -Vanmathi.V.M


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